Generation 1 · Quagmire

Chapter 1.3: Top-Notch

Welcome back! Quagmire has another update for y’all. Last time Quemby turned into a cute toddler and his baby brother Ulrich was born. Ulrike painted two masterpieces and Quagmire continues to climb the fame ladder.

01-22-19_9-53-42 PM.pngUlrich is not sure what just came out of himself, but it was stinky!

01-22-19_10-01-24 PM.pngBeing a celebrity means working out like one.

01-22-19_10-03-44 PM.pngQuemby is building up his imagination by playing dolls. He’s at level 5 now (+1).

Ulrich: Again dada, again!

Q: I think that’s enough for now. You’re getting heavy.

01-22-19_10-16-32 PM.pngThis list is getting crazy long! Q has to mix a track once a day to keep being represented by Dinky Beats.

It’s neighborhood brawl day and Q invites his friend, and often snack, over for a beat down. But they come out stronger friends than before.

01-22-19_10-20-04 PM.pngUlrich: I wuv you teddy!

Maxed communication! +1

Ulrich braves the slide and Quemby comes out to observe.

Quemby: Watcha doin’?

Ulrich: Swiding

I love these pictures. I had Quemby come out to watch Ulrich to improve his thinking skill and he’s just observing his brother fall on his butt as is like “hmmm…well…was that supposed to happen?”

01-22-19_10-35-34 PM.png

Ulrike is now level 6 of the painting career!

Ulrike and Q need to six more kids in order to complete Quagmire’s name. Baby #3 is on it’s way! Also I used MCCC to give them more space in the house so now they have 10 spaces in the house. Enough for the parents and eight kids.

Vanessa’s change is complete!

01-22-19_11-38-18 PM.pngHere we are again with a new house made by xkennakittyx on the gallery. It’s an unfurnished 3 bedroom, one bath house though I changed the dining room into a studio for Q and Ulrich.

01-22-19_11-38-35 PM.pngThe kitchen

01-22-19_11-38-44 PM.pngLiving room.

Music/Art studio.

01-22-19_11-39-19 PM.pngMaster bedroom.

The toddler room, for now. I’ll probably need to create a 4th bedroom for all of the kids Ulrike and Q are going to have plus another bathroom.

The one and only bathroom in the house so far.

Quemby: Why is the sky blue?

Q: Ummm…something to do with molecules being scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere…

Quemby: But why?

Q: Because science?

Quemby: But WHY?

01-22-19_11-55-28 PM.pngQuemby has maxed thinking (+1) and all of his skills making him my first top-notch toddler ever!

01-23-19_12-08-17 AM.pngAnd he maxed out his skills just in time for his birthday!

01-23-19_12-16-52 AM.pngFollowing in his mom’s footsteps Quemby is an Art Lover and an Artistic Prodigy. Minus a point cause I aged him up early.

01-23-19_12-29-49 AM.pngThis room is very blue. I either need to break up the color or choose another color for the room.

Quemby finished milestone one and now needs to work on milestone 2.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A dozen or so slides down the slide and Ulrich has mastered movement! +1

01-31-19_11-23-32 AM.pngQuemby: Rawr! I’m a triceratop, move outta my way!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ulrich is riveted by story time reaching level 3.

01-31-19_11-42-18 AM.pngUlrike continues to work on her painting skills both for her job and aspiration. She is currently working on tier 4. This is one master piece out of 5.

01-31-19_11-54-24 AM.pngThe living room gets a fireplace, t.v., and a new computer.

01-31-19_11-55-01 AM.pngQuemby is the first to make use of the piano. I decided to have him work on the piano instead of the violin as it is more tolerable to my ears.

Poor Ulrike is suffering from some sort of disease. I got her a tea brewer but she wouldn’t drink the tea. It would que up but then drop out.

01-31-19_12-14-36 PM.pngUlrick went around the house a watched several items and his parents and reached level 2 thinking.

01-31-19_12-16-47 PM.pngMonday is project time and Q helps Quemby make his volcano.

01-31-19_12-18-50 PM.pngFollowing in his big brother’s footsteps Ulrich munches on his books and reached level 4 imagination.

01-31-19_12-29-54 PM.pngQuagmire and Ulrike’s portraits are finally up! One point for each.

01-31-19_12-32-26 PM.pngAnd Ulrike has mastered the painting skill! +1 for completing it and +4 because it’s the first time anyone in this family has mastered this skill.

01-31-19_12-59-38 PM.pngUlrich dances his victory potty dance as he mastered the potty skill +1

01-31-19_1-03-00 PM.pngIt’s a party in here! Q went to help Ulrich with his thinking skill and Ulrike and Maaike went to check it out. Ulrich is now level 3 thinking.

01-31-19_1-08-37 PM.pngIt looks like Maaike is helping Quemby with his homework but she is just hallucinating; Q put a spell on her, so to speak.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ulrike went into labor and decided to take the day off from work then she went to the hospital with her freaked out husband. Vlad, it seems, got demoted from Doctor to receptionist, which put both parents minds at ease.

Baby boy Alexis is born. I was hoping for a girl but Alexis can be a boys name too.

01-31-19_1-52-32 PM.pngQ: I’m so proud of you dear. That labor looked pretty intense especially when the doctor took out your heart briefly!

Ulrike: Yeah, I’m not sure of her qualifications. I mean she’s walking through the door, it looks pretty painful.

A second bathroom was added, it’s connected to the master bedroom.

01-31-19_2-36-08 PM.pngQ wanted to woohoo with Ulrike and she needed some fun so….

They didn’t do try for baby, but risky woohoo is still on. I think this is a good spot to end this chapter. Many things were accomplished this chapter and many more to come!


  • Alexis
  • E
  • G
  • I
  • M
  • Quemby
  • R
  • Ulrich



Mini Challenges:

Top of My Career:

  • Ulrike: Painting, Level 5

A Lifetime of Aspiring:

  • Quagmire: World-Famous Celebrity, tier 2
  • Ulrike: Painter Extraordinaire, tier 4

Skilled Sims:

  • Quagmire: Media Production, Level 5 +1 completed, +4 uniqueness
    • Painting, Level 7
  • Ulrike:Mastered Painting, Level 10 +5

Total: 10

Collections: Need to check


  • Quagmire
  • Ulrike

Total: 2

Helicopter Parent:

  • Toddler Skills Maxed:
    • Quemby: Top-Notch Toddler +5-1(for early age up),
    • Ulrich: Maxed Communication, Movement, and Potty
  • Watcher Surviving: This is where I’m confused does each round mean surviving e/a generation or individual toddlers?
  • Childhood Aspiration:
    • Quemby: Artistic Prodigy, tier 2
  • A’s Earned: None yet
  • Teen A’s Earned: None Yet
  • Max Teen Career: None Yet

Total: 10

Parent of an Occult:

  • Quemby

Total: 1

Cumulative Total: 20+18=38


Generation 1 · Quagmire

Chapter 1.2: Leveling Up

Welcome back to Quagmire’s Name Game! Q realized there are some things a book can’t teach you about being a vampire, so Q invites his friend Caleb over for some lessons.

01-12-19_1-45-34 AM.pngQ sent his friend, Vanessa, an energized text and she invited him to the gym. 01-12-19_1-46-43 AM.pngQ: Hey Vanessa I’m feeling a little peckish, do you think I could have a bite before we go in?

Vanessa: Sure Q.

01-12-19_1-48-07 AM.pngQ’s work out face is quite fierce!

01-12-19_1-49-39 AM.pngQ: Ladies and Gents! I feel like this place needs to liven up, so I’ll play some of the latest stuff I’ve been working on. You’re in for a treat!

01-12-19_2-04-21 AM.pngOn his way home from the gym Q found the strawberries were in season! I have never tried to influence gender before and I have plans!

01-12-19_2-07-40 AM.pngHere is an update on the layout so far. I made the bathroom, and Master bedroom bigger, and added a room for Quemby. Also made the main part of the house a little bigger.

01-12-19_2-12-16 AM.pngUlrike got a promotion. She is coming along in her career.

Q: Hey do ya wanna….

Ulrike: Oh, I wanna

Both giggle like teenagers.

01-12-19_8-46-58 AM.pngUm Q? I don’t think this is an approved method of exercise.

01-12-19_8-49-09 AM.pngThe couple that creates art together….will eventually start an artist co-op where everyone runs around naked.

Q: Wait…What?

01-12-19_8-50-06 AM.pngSo fun fact jogging doesn’t work when one can teleport as a bat. Which I should have realized.

01-12-19_9-16-37 AM.pngSo I was getting tired of the other house and wanted to get them a bigger one, but they couldn’t really afford a bigger one but since I stupidly bulldozed their house before I fully realized that they now have this one.

This house is created by bre1ana on the gallery and comes as an empty shell. Also another silly thing I did was I didn’t put the strawberry plant into their inventory and now It’s summer…so there go my plans.

Anyways here is a little tour of their house.

I kept buying seed packets in hopes of getting a strawberry, but no luck. I did manage to get a carrot though.

01-12-19_9-43-44 AM.pngKeep raking in that dough! The only downside to having Q have a job through the Ministry is he doesn’t get promoted so I won’t be getting Top of My Career for Q. I might have to rethink this.

01-12-19_9-44-12 AM.pngNewcrest in the summer = rain and thunderstorms.

01-13-19_8-42-01 AM.pngQ tries to make it down to the lounge ever so often to mingle with the peeps and practice his sound, but he gets more fame points from producing music and paintings.

01-13-19_9-01-36 AM.pngUlrike completed another milestone.

Ulrike invites her friend and old roommate, Maaike,  out to view some art.

01-13-19_9-18-37 AM.pngThe house now has paint and flooring. Also it’s rebate day.

01-13-19_9-39-21 AM.pngAnd Quimby’s birthday! Let’s see if he has Q’s eye color or hair color. For the genetics part of this challenge as long as Q’s children have two of his features (i.e: skin and eyes, or hair and skin, etc) they’ll be in the running for heirship.

01-13-19_9-40-17 AM.pngEepp! He has blue hair!

Quemby is a Vampire! I don’t really know how that happened since Ulrike was pregnant with him before Q became a vampire, and I don’t have house traits set yet, but here we are. Quemby is also Inquisitive. Quemby has Ulrike’s hazel eyes. The CC eyes that I have aren’t as hazel as I would like them to be, so I’ll have to shop around some more.

01-22-19_3-11-32 PM.pngQuemby sets off to master his communication skill.

01-22-19_3-19-59 PM.pngWhich he does +1.

01-22-19_3-24-37 PM.pngJust a cute toddler experiencing his food.

01-22-19_3-31-57 PM.pngAt the lounge Q schmoozes with some more celebrities.

01-22-19_3-46-56 PM.pngQuemby: No potty! I don’t wanna!

Needless to say he got on that potty!

01-22-19_3-48-46 PM.pngThat’s an interesting way to make your food.

01-22-19_4-37-49 PM.pngI got Q the marketable trait so he can make more money on the things he creates. And I got Ulrike the Creative Visionary trait.

01-22-19_4-39-43 PM.pngAnother promotion for Ulrike!

01-22-19_4-41-55 PM.pngQ is now a Rising Star which means he completed a milestone!

01-22-19_4-45-49 PM.pngSo I don’t know if I mentioned this before but Ulrike is pregnant with their second child. I didn’t have her take a pregnancy test this time either, In fact they did a risky woohoo. And her needs are just plummeting with this pregnancy.

01-22-19_4-51-54 PM.pngQ: Here’s my autograph, your welcome.

Izzy: Ohmygoodness!Ohmygoodness!

Izzy also got Q’s gift of eternal life.

01-22-19_5-05-38 PM.pngThis is Ulrike’s first masterpiece. I sold it for a whopping 1,108 simoleans!

01-22-19_5-25-14 PM.pngAnd we got Q a video station, so now he can make even more money and fame!

And Quemby gets a slide. He is quite the natural he didn’t get scared.

01-22-19_5-48-44 PM.pngUlrike: I can’t believe I have to do this six more times. SIX!

01-22-19_5-54-59 PM.pngWelcome baby Ulrich (+1). I had wanted a girl, hince the strawberries, but this actually worked out better plus he is named after his momma.  In order for him to be considered for heirship he’s got to have Q’s hair and eye color.

01-22-19_6-19-21 PM.pngMaxed potty +1!

01-22-19_6-36-34 PM.pngI don’t know how this is considered a masterpiece, but it is. SOLD!

01-22-19_6-37-49 PM.pngQ maxed the Media Production skill +1 and +4 for uniqueness.

01-22-19_6-40-51 PM.pngQ decides to turn Vanessa into the living dead as well. 01-22-19_6-41-03 PM.pngAfter he turned her he got his first fame quirk, No Touching! Which is kind of hilarious.

01-22-19_6-44-18 PM.pngMaxed Movement +1! Going forward in the future I’m not going to post these every time they max a skill I’ll just tally them in the score below.

01-22-19_8-33-59 PM.pngHe is literally digesting his information. I don’t think that’s how it works Quemby.

01-22-19_9-28-48 PM.pngQuemby: What’s that?

It’s Ulrich’s birthday!

He is a cutie! But not in the running for heirship. He also is not a vampire. This game has it backwards if anything Quemby shouldn’t be a vampire and Ulrich should. He has the red/brown eyes and his mother’s hair color and skin tone. Ulrich is also angelic.


  • A
  • E
  • G
  • I
  • M
  • Quemby
  • R
  • Ulrich



Mini Challenges:

Top of My Career:

  • Ulrike: Painting, Level 5

A Lifetime of Aspiring:

  • Quagmire: World-Famous Celebrity, tier 2
  • Ulrike: Painter Extraordinaire, tier 3

Skilled Sims:

  • Quagmire: Media Production, Level 5 +1 completed, +4 uniqueness
    • Painting, Level 7
  • Ulrike: Painting, Level 9

Total: 5

Collections: Need to check

Paintings: Gotta get on those!

Helicopter Parent:

  • Toddler Skills Maxed:
    • Quemby: Communication +1, Potty +1, Movement +1

Total: 3

Parent of an Occult:

  • Quemby

Total: 1

Cumulative Total: 20


Generation 1 · Quagmire

Chapter 1.1:When Sims Cry

01-09-19_7-19-47 PM.pngNo Vlad, go away! You are not wanted! Luckily for us Vlad knocked on the door then left. *Phew!*

Ulrike is inside painting up a storm. She’s got no time for Vlad’s shenanigans! And now she is a Notable Newcomer!

01-09-19_7-26-38 PM.pngQ: Hmmm…what to paint…what to paint? Ulrike makes this look so easy.

01-09-19_7-31-22 PM.pngUlrike: I’m off to work honey. Don’t strain yourself too much.

01-09-19_7-32-46 PM.pngWhile Ulrike was at work her old roommate, Maaike, came over unannounced and watched t.v.

01-09-19_7-36-10 PM.pngQ: Uh…hi…do I know you? And how’d you get in anyway?

Maaike: Oh I’m a friend of Ulrike’s. We used to be roommates.

Q: Okay….how’d you get in?

Maaike: The door was unlocked.

01-09-19_7-35-19 PM.pngWhile Q was very confused as to what Maaike was doing in his house I got him the music station.

01-09-19_7-39-48 PM.pngHe’s making his first mix of Calculator Rock, whatever that is.

01-09-19_7-45-30 PM.pngYes my suspicions are confirmed!

Ulrike: Babe, were going to be parents!

Q: Despite my major frown I’m really happy about this!

01-11-19_10-57-23 PM.pngQ sent out his Calculator Rock mix, When Sims Cry, out to a music producer. I didn’t change the name cause I thought it hilarious. And I just got that it is a riff off of the name When Doves Cry.

01-11-19_11-00-04 PM.pngVampires have really interesting taste in clothing in this save. Also Caleb was walking towards Q’s house and this lady engaged him in a conversation and he just walked away. 01-11-19_11-00-08 PM.png Lady: Was it something I said?

Q spends his days creating art of all kinds while Ulrike is at work.

01-11-19_11-06-18 PM.pngPoor Q’s music was not well received. Also I could have sworn I sent it to a different music producer.

01-11-19_11-07-50 PM.pngQ: Here babe, I know this pregnancy hasn’t been easy on you.

Ulrike: Thanks hon, this feels so good!01-11-19_11-09-47 PM.pngQ didn’t give up on his dream of making music and sent his track to a different music producer and has his first royalty money! And now he too is a Notable Newcomer.

01-11-19_11-12-31 PM.pngQ doesn’t let this small success get to his head though. He heads down to the lounge to work on a new sound.

01-11-19_11-16-02 PM.png

And he buys the Networking fame perk and only needs one more star to complete this Milestone.

01-11-19_11-19-57 PM.pngAnd apparently the bathroom is a popular place to meet celebrities.

Kayla: Guys I appreciate the enthusiasm, but can I use the restroom in peace?

01-11-19_11-20-15 PM.pngQ: Another autograph! You’re the best Kayla!

01-11-19_11-25-55 PM.pngAnd a promotion for Ulrike!

01-11-19_11-27-42 PM.pngAnd some how while Q was talking to Caleb he reached level three in painting. They must have been talking about art or something.

And then I decided to have Q go for the Parent to the Occult challenge.

At home Ulrike completes a milestone.

01-11-19_11-45-12 PM.pngUlrike: It feels like we work so much we don’t get to see eachother very often.

Q: I know, I’ll make it up to you. Tomorrow is Love Day after all.

While Q is jammin’ out tunes at Orchid-A-Go-Go he gets signed with Dinky Beats!

01-11-19_11-55-05 PM.pngQ: My loyal followers I have some great news! I just signed with Dinky Beats! Thank you for all your support and I hope you will follow me on my musical journey!

01-12-19_12-03-44 AM.pngSince Q is making a huge life transition to a Vampire he thought it best to learn what that actually means. So he heads down to the library for a knowledge drop.

By the way there are a ton of sims at the library!

Q: Ooohhh a cupcake stand! Good sir what is your best flavor?

Baker: Well our Red Velvet is our most popular.

Q: I’ll take one of those!

01-12-19_12-07-50 AM.pngQ: Ew! How can such sugary goodness taste so bad?

01-12-19_12-12-34 AM.pngQ did some more collecting and was able to purchase a computer.

01-12-19_12-15-27 AM.pngMeanwhile Ulrike gets inspired by the stars. And she looks adorable with that baby bump!

01-12-19_12-23-07 AM.pngUlrike: No one saw that, right?

Q: Oh god? What’s happening, my stomach feels terrible. Ow my leg, why is this so painful?

Transformation complete.

01-12-19_12-48-15 AM.pngIt also is Love Day.

Q takes Ulrike to a club in Windenburg where they have a successful date. He also snacks on a few sims, cause vampire. 01-12-19_12-58-16 AM.pngHe actually only snacked on one sim.

01-12-19_1-07-07 AM.pngUlrike was inspired by their date to paint a flirty paining.

01-12-19_1-10-04 AM.pngBut she didn’t finish the painting before going into labor.

01-12-19_1-13-37 AM.pngOk now I suspect Vlad is stocking Quagmire.

01-12-19_1-14-17 AM.pngQ:What?! He can’t be the doctor!

01-12-19_1-14-41 AM.pngUlrike: Is that my heart?

01-12-19_1-16-10 AM.pngMeet baby Quemby (+10). He has his dad’s blue skin!

01-12-19_1-16-55 AM.pngThe proud parents.


  • A
  • E
  • G
  • I
  • M
  • Quemby
  • R
  • U


Mini Challenges:

Top of My Career:

A Lifetime of Aspiring:

Skilled Sims:



Helicopter Parent:


Generation 1 · Quagmire

Chapter 1.0:Quagmire

So I did the Sims 3 version of the Name Game Challenge quite a while ago, but never finished. However recently Teresa over on boolprop started the challenge and has sparked the flame of interest in me to try again! The Goal is to have at least one child for every letter of the alphabet. The rules I’m using can be found here.

The Mini Challenges I will be attempting:

  • Top of My Career
  • A Lifetime of Aspiring
  • Skilled Sims
  • Collections
  • Paintings
  • Helicopter Parent

I’m also seeing if I can make this a genetics legacy as well, but I’ll have to see how things work out.

01-09-19_4-59-21 PM.png

Meet our founder Quagmire Vaughan he is a rather Active sim who always tries to be Cheerful. If he has one fault it would be that he is Self-Absorbed which is why he is trying to be a World Famous Celebrity, too have millions adore him.

Quagmire: Man, you make me sound like a self conceited ass! I only want to be loved is that a crime?

No, not really…

01-09-19_4-59-48 PM.pngQuagmire: You know it’s really hard to be cheerful when you have no house and it looks like it’s going to rain.

Well go explore the neighborhood, I’ll have a surprise waiting for you when you come back.

Quagmire: A good surprise?

The best

*A/N: Fun fact about Quagmire is when I opened up CAS he was standing right there all I did was give him different skin tone, eye color, and hair color. I randomized his name Originally his first name was going to be Lane, but I wanted to give myself more of a challenge and I recently watched A Series of Unfortunate Events hence the name Quagmire.

01-09-19_5-06-11 PM.png

Qs first stop was at the local fishing spot where he caught two fish before I got the pop up saying that the fish in this area were just to smart to be caught, or something like that.


He then went on a round of collecting, this is too much like my Drifter Challenge. Was that a shameless plug, why yes yes it was.

Q: Oh.My.Plumbob! Is that you Kayla Fleming! Oh yes! it is you! I just died!

Kayla: Uh…do I know you.

Q: I’m just your # 1 fan Quagmire Vaughan! May I just say your work out videos are the best around!

Kayla: Why thank you, here let me give you an autograph!

Q: Eeep! My day just got a whole lot better!

01-09-19_5-25-18 PM.png

And after he talked with Kayla he saw Brytani Cho and immediately rolled a wish to attempt and introduction. The introduction didn’t go smoothly but he was able to take a selfie with her.

And you get a sneak peek of Qs house in the back.

01-09-19_5-15-56 PM.png

It’s a cute little house created by thesimsupply on the gallery.

01-09-19_5-16-18 PM.png

It’s really cramped on the inside, but it’s easy enough to add on more rooms when needed.

01-09-19_5-27-18 PM.png

Q wanted to check out the walk of fame and he needed to work on his guitar skills. I’m thinking of having him as a self employed music producer but he needs more money to buy the music mix station.

01-09-19_5-27-25 PM.png

He is now on the road to fame. I spy Vanessa in the background, however she will be off limits as a spouse because she is the spouse to my ISBI heir, Marty. Shameless plug #2.

01-09-19_5-27-33 PM.png

He actually got a few tips as well even though he sounds terrible.

Q: Hey now an artist, such as myself, has to struggle to find the right sound. Don’t mock my journey!

01-09-19_5-29-37 PM.png

Then this beautiful lady comes into the bar and Q is determined to say hello. She looks very intrigued by him.

Q: Hey there, I like your tats.

Ulrike: Do you have any?

Q: Not at the moment, but I can be convinced.

01-09-19_5-35-43 PM.png

The bar was getting crowded so Q invited Ulrike out for some stargazing. Right in front of the entrance.

01-09-19_5-46-14 PM.png

Q: I’m having a great time, do you want to hang out at my place?

Ulrike: Sure, it be great to get out of this cold.


Q: Well since it’s cold outside let’s warm up by getting cozy.

Ulrike: I like the sound of that.

*A/N: Since I was struggling to pronounce Ulrike’s name I looked it up: oo l – r ee – k eh 

01-09-19_5-52-00 PM.pngThe house is so cramped they had to have their first kiss outside.

Q: Um…I’m having a really nice time. Would you like to spend the night?

01-09-19_5-52-28 PM.png


01-09-19_5-54-12 PM.pngShe immediately went to Qs room to sleep.

01-09-19_5-53-56 PM.pngQ cooked a little dinner.

01-09-19_5-56-37 PM.pngThen he too fell asleep. On the couch cause he’s a gentleman.

01-09-19_6-08-34 PM.pngI sold the bookcase that was here and bought Q a guitar and a cheaper bookshelf.

01-09-19_6-28-19 PM.png

I decided to try out the Ministry of Labor option for a job since I haven’t explored this option yet. Q’s main source of money is going to be from producing music, but I’ll also have him paint and maybe write.

Q: Ulrike, I like you a lot and I was wondering if…maybe…possibly you’d like a quick tumble between the sheets?

Ulrike: Well as long as it’s not too quick. I have plans for you.

01-09-19_6-31-38 PM.pngLater that night a creeper comes by.

01-09-19_6-32-01 PM.pngGoes to the side of the house, cause space issues, and performed his dark ritual.

01-09-19_6-32-38 PM.pngPoor Q was his victim. Damn you Vlad! Q was already tired!


01-09-19_6-37-32 PM.pngAfter a bit of a nap Q heads down to Del Sol Valley to practice his sound and to earn some fame point.

01-09-19_6-38-15 PM.pngHe invited Ulrike along and she decided to enjoy the art gallery.

01-09-19_6-40-52 PM.pngThe gallery wasn’t a very happening place so off he went to the Orchid A-Go-Go Lounge.

Q: Bartender order me up some of those tasty looking olives.

Caleb: Coming right up!

I haven’t given up on the possibility of doing the Parent to the Occult mini challenge so it wouldn’t hurt to befriend some vampires, However Vlad is out, cause Vlad sucks! He is the only vampire in all of my games to come over at night to drink my sims dry.

Q performed for a little while, and gets a few tips, but the nap he took earlier only can do so much and Ulrike decided to go home so Q decided to call it quits.

01-09-19_6-50-19 PM.pngAs soon as Q got home Ulrike asked him out on a date. That pout is a tired pout.

01-09-19_6-50-59 PM.pngHe is super glad she called him out for a date.

Q: I know we’ve only known eachother a short time, but I feel a strong connection with you. Will you be my girlfriend?

Ulrike:  Yes! I felt a connection too!

01-09-19_6-52-12 PM.pngThese two are going to make such cute babies!

01-09-19_6-52-49 pm

Ulrike: *fart sound* Ooops sorry bout that.

Lily: *heavy degrading sigh* Go and do that in the bathroom young lady!

Oh my gwad! This face had me cracking up. And Lily Feng is giving Ulrike such side glare! Ooh the shade she is throwing. Ulrike is like “whatever lady go dig out the stick that’s up your butt.”

01-09-19_6-53-12 PM.pngQ: Walk away lady! NO one talks to my girlfriend like that!

Lily: *huffs off*

01-09-19_6-53-31 PM.pngI don’t know why Q is doing the embarrassed face palm, but Ulrike thinks it’s funny. I love her!

01-09-19_6-54-21 PM.pngQ: Ulrike, I just love how you can be unapologetically yourself around other people. Will you marry me?

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Ulrike: Hmm…let me think…*puts the ring on and jumps into Q’s arms* YES! A man who still wants to marry me even after I farted in someone’s face is a keeper!

Q’s cheek kiss was totally autonomous by the way!

01-09-19_6-59-03 PM.pngQ was really hungry and had to go to the bathroom, so he ordered food then went to the bathroom (he washed his hands before eating). Then Lucas starts talking to him, I think this weirded Q out a bit so he went back out to Ulrike.

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The couple had a quick but romantic wedding by a fountain in Ulrike’s hometown of Windenburg. And it was snowing too!

01-09-19_7-07-10 PM.pngTime to get baby makin’!


01-09-19_6-52-45 PM.png

Ulrike Faust Vaughn:

Traits: Art Lover, Perfectionist, Creative, Muser

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Career: Painter

01-09-19_7-09-22 PM.pngI decided not to do a pregnancy test, but based off of her “I’m about to puke face” we can expect baby Q soon.


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